Anya Corazon is one of the main characters of Marvel's Spider Man. Anya is one of Peter's classmates at Horizon High. She will be voiced by Melanie Minichino.




Anya is a Latin, sarcastic, funny and really confident person. She is a tough kind of girl as shown to be tomboyish. She is obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). She is super smart, intellectual and she knows everything. She is shown to be very protective of her inventions and their true functions. She was mad at Peter Parker for repurposing her vibration machine to put out a fire, that her machine started.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Scientific Level Intelligence


Promotional Art


Physical Appearance

As Anya Corazon

Anya has a dark complexion with long dark brown shoulder length hair and reddish brown eyes. She wears a blue shirt with light blue star on the front and rings on the sleeves. She also wears a pair aqua pants with brown boots




Season 1


Coming Soon!

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