Ben Parker
May Parker (wife)
Peter Parker (nephew)
Richard Parker (brother)
Mary Parker (sister-in-law)
Patton Oswalt
With great power, comes great responsiblity.

–Ben's greatest lesson to Peter

Ben Parker is a minor character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. He was Peter Parker's uncle and husband of May Parker. He is voiced by Patton Oswalt.


Ben Parker was born sometime. He got married to May Parker years later.

Taking the responsibility to raising Peter

When Peter's parents (Ben's younger brother and his sister-in-law) were going somewhere (unknown), Peter was taken care of by Ben and his wife May who is also known as Peter's Uncle and Aunt.

Years later before his death and when he was a little younger, Peter asked Uncle Ben about Flash Thompson's mom asking Peter to tutor Flash in science but Flash is always bullying him. Uncle Ben tells him that everyone has a gift, sometimes, when a person can't figure out what that gift is, they take it out on other people, but it doesn't make sense to Peter. Uncle Ben feels too bad because he thought he had a gift of making sense of things. Uncle Ben told him that he doesn't know as much as science as Peter does but he has always had a formula to any situation which was "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty" as Peter takes a picture of it on his phone and plans on telling Mrs Thompson to start tutoring Flash the coming week.


Ben was shot by a mugger on the night of Peter's wrestling match against Bonesaw McGee. Peter went after the mugger later that night to get justice, only to discover it was the same individual he let escape earlier, leaving him devasted and in a state of guilt.


Ben Parker was a nice, intelligent and wise man whom Peter grew up and took him as one of his role models. He never was over-confident and always had a way to everything, if not, he tried to. He never gave up and always worked hard, he trained Peter to be a better person and whenever he had a problem, the solution that always came up to his mind was "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". It was after his death that Peter learnt what he meant by that and as from then on, used it whenever he was in trouble.



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