Bonesaw McGee
Steven Blum

"Bonesaw McGee" is a character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. He is a wrestler.


Bonesaw McGee was born sometime. He began wrestling and had been never defeated before as the reigning champion of "Who wants to be a Wrestler".

Bonesaw vs. The Spider

Bonesaw learns about The Spider, and by looking at him becomes very confident. Bonesaw ready to take him down enters the ring, Peter asks the Cameraman that how long does he have to fight him and he answers just for a commercial, and then Peter's spider sense starts tingling and he gets hit by a chair, he carries him and throws him, Peter gets sticked to the wall, he then starts to use his webs to attack him, coming back to the ring, pushes Bonesaw, Bonesaw stands back up, Bonesaw gets angry and jumps towards him while Peter gets at his back, He tells him to fight like a man, Peter tells him he is a spider man, Peter uses his webs, carries him and puts him down, Bonesaw barely stands and Peter uses just his fingers to push him down and then Bonesaw loses. And the award is given to Peter.


Bonesaw McGee is an over-confident person who believes that nobody can fight him and win. Unfortunately, after being defeated by The Spider(Peter Parker), he was not anymore over-confident.



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