"Experimentation Awaits" is the fifth Spider-Man Origin Shorts of the series among the six parts. It was aired on July 8th (UK) and July 28th (US).


The new and improved Peter Parker makes his official debut by entering a wrestling competition.


The short begins with an intro of people wrestling and a lady welcoming people to the show "You Want To Be A Wrestler" with people shouting, the lady continues saying a place where people get a chance to compete against actual wrestlers and the following week the judges find an interesting fellow who calls himself The Spider (Peter Parker). Then arrives an interview with him. Peter (As the spider) and tells them features about a spider like spiders are strong and can live in every habitat, they are insects that are from the arachnid class. The cameraman asks him to show what he can do and Peter shows him some moves and then the lady calls him a Spider Nerd, later, she tells the audience that he will be going through Bonesaw Mcgraw, Peter asks infront of the camera that he doesn't know him and asks, is he good? On the TV is showcased Bonesaw as he takes down people during wrestling and during his interview, he says infront of the camera that no one can beat him and breaks the camera, leaving the room while Peter is watching. Later on, its the time when the two fight and Peter is going to enter but before he goes out the cameraman asks him what is going on his mind and Peter answers saying the five scientific methods, the cameraman asks him about the wrestling not scientific methods and then a burglar comes from the front door running and a security guard telling to stop that guy but Peter goes out of the way, and then the lady calls Peter that its time for the fight while apologizing to the guard and then Peter goes into the ring, later comes Bonesaw ready to take him down and so he enters the ring, Peter asks the Cameraman that how long does he have to fight him and he answers just for a commercial, and then Peter's spider sense starts tingling and he gets hit by a chair, he carries him and throws him, Peter gets sticked to the wall, he then starts to use his webs to attack him, coming back to the ring, pushes Bonesaw, Bonesaw stands back up, Bonesaw gets angry and jumps towards him while Peter gets at his back, He tells him to fight like a man, Peter tells him he is a spider man, Peter uses his webs, carries him and puts him down, Bonesaw barely stands and Peter uses just his fingers to push him down and then Bonesaw loses. And the award is given to Peter. The cameraman tells him to give a good pose because he will remember this day very well.



Experimentation Awaits


Origin 5 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

Origin 5 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD


  • This short makes an appearance of Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel and Spider-Man.
  • This short marks the first scene of the burglar who kills Uncle Ben.