Felicia Hardy
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Anti-Hero (secretly)
Grey DeLisle
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Black Cat

"Felicia Hardy" is a character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. She is also known as Black Cat. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Stealing The Symbiote

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Black Cat powers GIF

Black Cat's bad luck powers activate.

Felicia is a master thief who prides herself in her skills as a literal cat burglar. She's also not above using her flirtatious charm to get what she wants such as when she casually strolled into a comic book store and swipes a rare issue from an employee before giving him a wink.

Physical Appearance

Black Cat 2017

Black Cat before giving Spider-Man the slip

Felicia is a slender curvaceous woman with fair skin, red lips, green eyes (which light up and the pupils contract into cat-like slits whenever she uses her Bad Luck powers) and white hair in a pixie Bob cut.

As Black Cat, Felicia wears a skintight tactical black jumpsuit with utility pouches on either side of her hips, gloves, boots and white fur trimming around the neck and midway up her forearms. She also sports a black domino mask over her eyes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Giving Bad Luck


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Season 1


  • This is the first incarnation of Black Cat that has her hair shortened.
  • This is also the first incarnation since the 1981 Spider-Man series to have her bad luck powers.