Harry Osborn is a supporting character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. He is voiced by Max Mittelman.


Harry Osborn was born sometime. He is the son of Norman Osborn who is the founder and CEO of Oscorp.

Being A Student at Midtown High

Harry Osborn was sent to Midtown High by Norman Osborn, his father for some reason. Harry then met Peter Parker and became best friends with him.

Friendship with Peter Parker

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are best friends since childhood. Unfortunately, Norman, Harry's father changed his school Midtown High to Horizon High, the school of geniuses but Harry still visits Peter.

Changing from Midtown to Horizon High

Norman's spark was no more as he saw nothing in that school. He didn't see much anymore there, making Harry be left with no choice but to change school. According to Norman, the school Horizon High is a school for geniuses unlike Midtown, therefore changing his school. But that still didn't make Harry break his friendship with his best friend Peter.

Getting Suspended For a Sabotage

Coming Soon!


Harry is a kind and has a fun kind of nature as he is also known to be serious and calm sometimes. He is a bit intelligent. He grew up privileged and he is aware of that fact. He is a loyal friend to Peter. However, he doesn't trust his best friend's alter ego: Spider-Man due to believing he sabotaged his own project.


Physical appearance

Unlike his father, Harry has black hair.



Season 1


  • Harry Osborn is traditionally depicted as brown or red-haired in the comics and most versions. Here, his hair is black.

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