''Here Comes Hypothesis'' is the third Spider-Man Origin Shorts of the series among the six parts. It was aired in UK July 5th and in US July 26th.


Peter Parker hypothesizes that his body is developing super powers and begins testing them out.


The short begins with Peter making a video. Peter tells about using the 5 basic scientific methods to know what is actually happening to him after getting bit by a radioactive spider. He observed the effects of the spider bite meaning now it is time to Hypothesize. He hypothesizes that he will use the powers for his own advantage. He shows another video of how he uses his powers to climb and jump from one wall to the other. He then tries to make webs like a spider in his lab, while building it in a watch, comes and brings out a lot of web covering his face (he mentions that spiders take a lot of time making webs). He mentions spiders have sensors all over that body that alerts them during danger, Peter calls that his Spider-Sense. He starts to feel his spider-sense and then his webs come out again (covering his face). He then makes another video in which he shows that he has developed his spider webs and also is with a stick shaped steel, he tries to make a ball with his webs and it works and then he hits it with the steel and says touchgoon (or whatever they call it in baseball) and the ball breaks a house window (and apologizes). Peter back to his main video tries to make a simple and easy thing and ends up making a nice and comfy hammock in which he first lies down and then dis-balances making him fall down. He then makes a boxing gloves on his hand and a boxing punch bag, while punching it the web holding the punch bag falls and then peter dis-balances again and falls on the hammock at the back of him. Later on, he tries to catch a fly through his webs but then is not able to as the fly comes on his nose, he webs his face (but still doesn't catch it) and then while walking and trying to remove the web from his eyes falls down on the hammock and the fly comes on his nose again leaves it. Later on, Peter stands at the top of a roof and then wants to test his webs as a practical, unfortunately not to be known like last time, he puts web on his eyes, and then makes it a mask for people to not be able to recognize him. He jumps and he pulls a web, it works, his web shooters work and he is able to web sling over the city and then after taking a turn dis balances once again and hits the wall.



Here Comes Hypothesis


Origin 3 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

Origin 3 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD


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