For Horizon High the school for geniuses, see Horizon High

"Horizon High" are the first two part episode of Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man (premiere). It is the first and second (joint) episode overall.


Part 1

Peter is accepted into Horizon High, a school for geniuses, where his best friend Harry Osborn just got suspended. Later on, Peter makes his debut as Spider-Man and must battle the Vulture.

Part 2

Spider-Man must work to stop the Scorpion from wreaking havoc at the museam.


Part 1

The scene begins with some thieves shooting at the police as they stole Vibranium. Peter Parker (as Spider-Man) gets there and stays at a roof near the attack seeing the fight. Another car comes to take the two thieves and the vibranium. A pigeon comes up at his head while Peter talks to himself of calling him Spider-Man, when Peter tries to get rid of the pigeon by using his hand, he gets sticked with the bird, and falls around a lady's roof and the lady comes out, the pigeon lets go and goes to the lady's arm, tells him to get out of her Pigeon Coop, to not steal them and beats Spidey with a broom stick, Peter starts to run away from her. He tries to use his webs but his web slingers set to 200 PSI. Then he gets out of her roof, coming down, he sees the attack and then. he remembers a memory of him with Uncle Ben fixing a bird house clock, when he asked him about Flash Thompson's mom asking Peter to tutor Flash in science but Flash is always bullying him. Uncle Ben tells him that everyone has a gift, sometimes, when a person can't figure out what that gift is, they take it out on other people, but it doesn't make sense to Peter. Uncle Ben feels too bad because he thought he had a gift of making sense of things. Peter helps him to fix the bird house clock by applying some iron oxide in the centre and then the clock starts to work and the bird comes out. Uncle Ben tells him that he doesn't know as much as science as Peter does but he has always had a formula to any situation which was "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty" as Peter takes a picture of it on his phone and plans on telling Mrs Thompson to start tutoring Flash the coming week. Peter remembers that, turns his web shooters from 200 PSI to 250 PSI and goes into action and catches up with the car while the car is running away. He uses his webs, at first it works but then as Peter holds on to it, it breaks and Peter lands right at the top of the thieves car. When the car turns, Peter's Spider-Sense starts to tingle as he sees that the car going with full speed will kill the mother and the child in the front crossing the street with also the old lady at the corner and he has only 15 seconds to think. He sees two skateboarders heading to place where they skate, He uses his hand and breaks into the car, turns the car to the left where they skate as they break through the nets and go through the car starts to disbalance and it goes through the slider type ground which takes the car high, the car starts to go upside down, Peter carries the car while trying to save the skateboarders. The driver pushes the vibranium outside the car and then Peter's spider sense starts to tingle and a guy named The Vulture pushes him, then starts his sonic scream, Peter uses his web and covers his ears with it. The Vulture then takes him high to the sky and then drops him but Peter puts a web on him and holds it, as Peter goes through a building being hit by every glass, Peter then uses his webs and holds a street light and as The Vulture begins to try to get Spider-Man off his leg, Peter let go of him and Vulture clashes to a Daily Bugle Truck and the police comes by then. He uses his sonic scream and the police standing at the back of Spider-Man are aimed at, Peter covers them both with webs as The Vulture gets away.To Be Continued!


Sneak Peek

Sneak Peak at Marvel's Spider-Man on Disney XD

Sneak Peak at Marvel's Spider-Man on Disney XD


  • Just like the comics, Spider-Man's first villain got to be The Vulture.
  • Unlike the comics, Otto Octavius got to be only a couple of years older than Peter, rather than being much older than him.