''Introduction'' is the first Spider-Man Origin Shorts of the series among the six parts. It was aired on Youtube June 28th, 2017, In UK July 4th and in US July 24th.


Peter Parker is on a field trip to Oscorp when he accidentally gets bitten by a radioactive spider.


The short begins with Peter Parker swinging by New York city as Spider-Man. As he swings by Oscorp, he tells how everything began there for him. Showing a young Peter Parker going on a field trip with his classmates as he is sent inside Oscorp whereby Harry is seen. Peter is very excited due to him being there for the first time as he takes pictures of things. While taking them, unknowingly he takes a picture of a released radioactive spider. Harry is normal because he is used to the place due to his father Norman Osborn being the creator of Oscorp. An alarm beeps, Peter gets tensed and asks of what is going on, the people looking for the radioactive spider say that it is just a radioactive spider. Peter, his classmates and his teacher Mr. Smythe is taking them to the lab to show them some experiments and acts. When Mr. Smythe sees Harry, he gets annoyed and warns him to not annoy or do something stupid, he partners him with his son Alistair and tells Liz to stay with Peter due to them being partners.A professor is being shown who tells them where and what everything is, telling the basics of Science, Peter says exactly the same thing he says, making the man a bit shocked. Peter does it again, but the professor remains calm but Mr. Smythe warns him. The professor calls on Harry and Alistair to test a robot using 1 glove each but Harry suggests Peters' group to go first because they are interested in it more. Peter goes to the left hand glove but Liz tells him to go to the right because she is left handed. They switch. As soon as Peter is about to put on the glove, the radioactive spider bites him on his hand. Peter first feels dizzy, then he starts to get the feeling to puke, he asks Harry where the bathroom is, and Harry tells him, as soon as Peter goes there, Harry forgets to tell him its under construction. As Peter gets there, he sees it written on the door that its under construction, he tries to push it, and as he uses his one hand, he door gets removed. Peter gets shocked!



Peter gets bit by a spider

Peter got bit by a radioactive spider.


"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short 1

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short 1


  • This is the first origin short that arrives before the series premiere.
  • The origin short aired online on June 28th, it then aired on Disney XD on July 24th.