Keemia Alvarado
Student (Formerly), Criminal
Flint Marko (Father)
Sofia Carson
Alter Ego

Keemia Alvarado, also known as Sandgirl, is the estranged daughter of Flint Marko.


Getting her powers

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Keemia apathetically studying while her father works.

Keemia was the daughter to Flint Marko, a man struggling to make ends meet. Then Flint found an opportunity at a paying job when he began under the service of Hammerhead. Keemia however did not approve of this as whenever she accompanied her father for work, she stayed in their car to study silently in the dark. One day Hammerhead called Marko to a chemical factory in New Jersey and went in, leaving Keemia to her books. After a long time of waiting, Keemia left the car and entered into the factory to see was keeping Marko so long. As she ventured further, she witnesses Marko getting double-crossed by Hammerhead and his cohorts by unloading a torrent of chemically induced sand on him, and in the process, Keemia was caught in the wave. Flint was presumed dead but Hammerhead found Keemia alive and altered both in body and emotionally. With Hammerhead's wealth and resources and Keemia's knowledge in science, they were able to ionize and coagulate the sand particles in her cells and give her full control over her powers. In Season 2 episode 14 she will return.

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Keemia survives the chemically induced sand accident intended for Flint.

Searching for Sandman


Keemia being pursued by Sandman at Coney Island

Fueled by resentment for not thinking of his daughter and putting her in danger, Keemia began to find her missing dad. While at the Coney Island fair, Keemia went on the Ferris Wheel. During Sandman's attack which nearly destabilized the Ferris Wheel she was on, Keemia was among the people who got off but was then chased by a sand construct of Marko seemingly trying to devour her until Spider-Man came in and with help from a web parachute swept her away and told her to take refuge in the fun-house. After Spider-Man helps Flint by returning a coagulated sample of his sand and hearing his side of the story. the former agrees to help him track down Hammerhead in hopes of finding his daughter Keemia as well. When the two of them got to Hammerheads place, they find Keemia waiting for him on the living room couch. As she at first looked relieved to be finally reunited with her father, Keemia however used this moment of a heartwarming reunion to form her hand into a sand fist and uppercuts Marko, much to the latter's and Spider-Man's shock before Keemia continues her attack. While Marko is stunned at how Keemia attained the same powers as his, several of Hammerhead's enforcers arrive to the sound of the commotion, but Keemia orders them to stand down and swings a sand mace at Spider-Man, demanding that her quarrel has nothing to do with him. The two fight with Keemia showing a much more stable control over her sand powers like tricking Spider-Man into punching a sand doppelganger and reappearing her real self with Spider-Man's fist stuck in her construct. During the fight, Keemia berates her father to the fact that she's better with her abilities while Marko couldn't even form until now. Flint tries to reason with her furious daughter saying he came to protect her, but Keemia retorts saying that it was all in vain as she pins Spider-Man to a wall with her sand mace. She then continues to scorn Marko saying that if he really cared for her safety, he shouldn't have brought her along to the chemical plant in New Jersey. It is there Keemia tells him what happened to her. On the night of the accident, Keemia went in looking for him despite her own reservations and swearing to not follow in his footsteps and use her intellect for a much better life. As she journeyed further, she walks in on Marko getting executed by a massive wave of sand that seemingly kills him and along with it Keemia is exposed to it. However she was discovered alive by Hammerhead moments afterward.Taking pity on the girl, Hammerhead used his money and Keemia's scientific knowledge and together they charged the particles in her body so that her genetically altered cells become stable, with the exception of her right eye that she reveals to Marko's horror.

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Keemia's right eye as a result of the accident that mutated her.

Physical Appearance

Keemia is a short teenaged girl of a slender build with a medium tan, long dark hair worn with a green beanie and brown eyes (her right eye is in changed from the chemically engineered sand mutation) . Her clothes consists of a long sleeved dark green top, a blue biker jacket, black leggings, brown boots and a necklace.

When using her powers, Keemia can form parts of her body into sand structures, weapons, etc.


From the beginning, Keemia wanted nothing more than to build a better life for herself and not follow in her father's footsteps towards crime. She was apathetic towards Flint's criminal activity with Hammerhead. Up until the night of her accident, Keemia was filled with furious resentment towards Flint for putting her life in danger yet harboured no ill will towards Hammerhead, the one who actually