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Liz Allan is a supporting character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. She is voiced by Natalie Lander.


Field Trip to Oscorp

Liz is first seen in the Short Introduction as one of the students from Midtown High to enter the Oscorp building with her classmates. She was paired up with Peter for a field trip partner by Allistair Smythe, much to her discomfort. When asked to test drive one their new robots, Liz asked Peter to switch control consoles with her on account of her being left-handed. It was this decision that led to Peter being bitten by one of the escaped genetically engineered spiders, beginning the latter's transformation into Spider-Man.

Horizon High

Liz Allen Speech

Liz giving her speech to the recruits for Horizon High.

Sometime later, Liz showed up with Randy Robertson in Horizon High (episode) harshly informing Peter that he missed the recruitment presentation for Horizon High but had the former fill in his place to volunteer. Later on after an encounter with the arrogant Spencer Smythe, Liz delivers a speech in the auditorium welcoming the Horizon High candidates before giving the mike to Max Modell ( or at least his hologram before the real one takes the stage.)

Life in the Limelight

During the grand opening of a new power plant headquarters, Liz in the guise of the skateboard bound internet prankster "Screwball", sabotages the ribbon-cutting ceremony by snatching said ribbon but almost crashes into Spider-Man, who was detaining the Absorbing Man. As the webbed-up brute transmutes the metal from her helmet to escape, Screwball runs over a mess of stolen diamonds that make lose her balance until she is halted by Spider-Man, who haplessly walks into one of her pranks and is doused in glue intended for the business moguls she expected to chase her. As a result, Spider-Man is made a laughingstock on her latest web post. Liz then runs into Peter and Harry at the Cafe who were debating on why everyone likes Screwball so much and Harry says it's because of Spider-Man . Liz retorts saying Screwball takes on major corporations with her pranks and not with Spider-Man, until Harry points out that Screwball's latest video has four times as many views because of the aforementioned wall crawler, much to her surprise.

S01e14-5 Screrwball video scan

Screwball announces to include Spider-Man in her viral antics.

With this new idea, Liz dons her Screwball costume and sets up her video camera on a rooftop to broadcast a new web post. Addressing her viewers, Screwball announces her newest segment in which she'll upload weekly videos of her including Spider-Man and awaits her fans to give their opinions in the comments section. At Midtown High Liz is watching the Screwball website when Randy walks in to ask about their study group. Instead he catches Liz on the aforementioned website, much to his chagrin, saying that Screwball is everything wrong with the internet and that if she wanted to make a difference, she'd do it legitimately, like what he does on his blog.

S01e14-6 Liz Allen

Liz defending her alter-ego, unbeknownst to Randy.

Randy then informs Liz that the power plant headquarters Screwball attacked was one of dozens bought by an anonymous benefactor, possibly the mob. Randy then decides to add this to his blog, of which Liz pokes fun at due to it's extremely low views with Randy saying that Screwball's are also low for the lack of Spider-Man footage. Randy then leaves to attend the unveiling of the city's new Media Building where his father, Robbie Robertson will be speaking to every major news outlet. Seeing this as an opportunity to boost her numbers, Liz heads to the construction site as Screwball and remotely commandeers the motion-controlled Oscorp worker bot and dumps an entire mound of sand on Robbie, inflicting no harm on the latter but drawing attention of the former when she makes an appearance atop a catwalk shouting her catchphrase,"You've just been Screwballed!" . Spider-Man then shows up and Screwball starts to do a dance that the worker bot simultaneously follows suit to until she makes it jump and stomp hard enough to cause a tremor that makes her fall of the ledge. As Screwball seemingly plummets to her death, Spider-Man dives in for the save, only for Screwball to activate and unfurl a large banner that has Spider-Man promoting her antics. Before Spider-Man can scold her, Screwball escapes via bungee cord as the former falls into a large vat of quick-drying cement.

Screwball Live Screens 2

Spider-Man falls into another one of Screwball's traps.

As Screwball commends Spider-Man on the banner and the cement, Spider-Man is perturbed as with the risk of someone else being in danger while he was putting up with her shenanigans. Screwball just casually assures him that there are other superheroes protecting the city as she rides off on her rocket-powered skateboard. Spider-Man manages to break free from the cement only to be flocked by the paparazzi moments later. At the Midtown High gym, Liz is attending P.E. when Absorbing Man interrupts a dodge ball game and demands for Screwball to be brought to him. As the students try to repel him by bombarding him with dodge balls, the super-powered brute transmutes the surface of a brick wall and starts swinging his metal ball and chain, endangering lives and causing damage. Seeing Randy at Absorbing Man's mercy, Liz acts quickly by changing into Screwball and sending a distress video to Spider-Man expressing the danger at Midtown High. With Absorbing Man's impatience and her belief that her plea was sent in vain for pranking him to much, Screwball is left with no other options but to engage Absorbing Man, but to no avail as he swiftly knocks her off her skateboard. Moments later, Spider-Man arrives much to Screwball's relief. Absorbing Man then ensnares both Randy and Screwball in his chains and says he'll let them both go unless Spider-Man hands over the Flash Drive ( that Spider-Man absconded with on the night of the jewelry store robbery) at the new Media Building construction site within the hour or they'll be dipped in concrete.

Screenshot 20180227-205258 1

Screwball reveals herself to Randy

In the back of Absorbing Man's van en route to the construction site, Screwball admits her fault to Randy who at first responds with sarcasm but does make a note that she did put her life on the line to save a total stranger like Randy. Screwball say that he is her friend not a stranger then lifts up her visor to reveal she is Liz. When asked why she did all this, Liz admits her motives behind her alter-ego: As the Midtown High class president and a Straight-A student, Liz prided herself and felt special. But a shadow was cast over her as gifted schools like Horizon High and Oz Academy for the bright-minded made her accomplishments feel like they amounted to nothing. And so, she became Screwball in order to be special again as a hero to the community but lost that sight when she focused too much on Spider-Man. And because she had the attention of her viewers, Liz felt powerful, but in the end she realizes that it takes a different kind of power to be a real hero. Arriving at the construction site, Liz and Randy are found hanging above a cement mixer by Spider-Man, the latter who, thanks to Gwen decrypting the files, deduced that the Absorbing Man was working under Hammerhead. After surrendering the flash drive, Spider-Man saves both kids before they get dumped in cement by pulling them to safety. As Spider-Man goes up against both Absorbing Man and Hammerhead, whose in control of a worker bot, Liz frees herself and Randy from their ties. Later after Absorbing Man is tricked into dissolving from Lithium metal, Liz saves Spider-Man from being stomped by Hammerhead by motion controlling the worker bot he's controlling and is webbed into a vat of cement to be detained. When asked if she got the crime lord's defeat on camera, Liz says she included other mishaps in the battle for her viewers. In spite of what happened Spider-Man commends Screwball for doing right by rectifying her wrongs, a sign of a true hero does. Although she is pleased to be called a hero, she points out that she began this feud and decides to just be herself as she removes her helmet shocking Spider-Man, who calls her by name. When asked if he knew her name, Spider-Man claims she knew her as Midtown High's president just as the authorities arrive and suggest she should hand both criminals over to them. Afterwards, Liz, as Screwball, uploads a new video of her saying that she failed Spider-Man by getting caught up in her own popularity while he did all the good she originally set out to do. With a heartfelt apology to her fans, Screwball announces that she will be going on hiatus while promoting Randy's blog.

Spider Island Incident

Screenshot 20180227-224952 1

Liz as a mutated Spider creature.

During the Spider Island arc, Liz, like everyone in New York became exposed to the airborne strain from the Midtown High science lab explosion and gained spider powers. However she eventually mutated into a spider creature like everyone else and started going on a rampage. As Peter, Harry and Anya race to Oz Academy to disperse the cure, Miles started firing cure darts at the infected civilians, among those was Liz. Miles was thinking of a quip while being dragged up a street lamp by a mutated Liz. Only when he came face to face with her did Miles cure dart Liz at point-blank range and she fell from the street lamp to be restored to human moments later.


Liz scolding Peter

Liz scolding Peter's zeal

Liz is a bit of a fun yet serious and critical type of girl. As the Midtown High class president she feels the need to be special. However when prominent schools like Horizon High and Osborn Academy opened, Liz felt like her thunder was stolen. Feeling the need to be special again, Liz became the reckless skateboard-bound internet sensation Screwball and finds a sense of stardom in her new outgoing persona. However this doesn't last long as her escapades draw the unwanted attention of Hammerhead and the Absorbing Man. When the two criminals threatened her classmates for her alter-ego's whereabouts, Liz attempted to stall them to the best of her ability.

Physical Appearance

Liz as Screwball

Liz in her Screwball regalia

As Liz

Liz is a teenage Caucasian girl of average height and slender build with fair skin, blue eyes and reddish brown hair. Her usual clothes consists of a short sleeve yellow shirt with a thin red tie, red bracelet, red studded earings, a pink pleated skirt, flat shoes, and carries a light red handbag. During gym class, Liz wears a white T-Shirt with a blue neckline, blue shorts, white socks and sneakers.

As Screwball

As Screwball, Liz dons a form fitting white jumpsuit with grey and purple accents along with a helmet with an orange visor to conceal her eyes and hair. She also carries a purple shoulder bag and rides a rocket powered skateboard.


Peter Parker

At the start of the series, Liz didn't seem to like Peter for his geeky eagerness in science and was uncomfortable when she was paired up with him during their field trip to the Oscorp building. Liz often nags him for being in the wrong place at the wrong time like not being there during the Horizon High opening ceremony and scolds him on a bit of a grammar mistake of the "Three H's". Although it isn't shown how Liz felt when Peter transferred from Midtown to Horizon High, she is on easy terms with him when she found him with Harry at the Horizon Cafe during their discussion about Screwball.

Randy Robertson

Liz has a stable, mutual friendship with Randy. He is the first person Liz turns to when Peter didn't show up to volunteer in making preparations for the Horizon High opening ceremony, showing some loyalty to her. The two banter on the topic of Screwball being more popular than his "boring blog" but otherwise don't argue. When Absorbing Man attacks her fellow classmates including Randy because of the attention brought on by her actions as Screwball, Liz dons her getup and attempts to go in for the save, only to be easily defeated and captured with Randy. After she reveals her secret identity to him, Randy is shocked but otherwise grateful for at least trying to rectify her antics in saving his life. Liz eventually makes full amends with her announcing her hiatus as Screwball and in turn, promotes Randy's blog that helped them out a tight spot.


Origin Shorts

Season 1

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  • Liz Allan is usually portrayed as being a blonde. Here, she's a brunette.
  • Liz is left-handed.
  • This is Liz's third animated appearance.
  • This version of Liz Allen is the first to take on the Screwball persona in an animated series. In the comics, Liz and Screwball are two separate characters.