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Osborn Academy, also known as Oz Academy, is a school created and funded by Norman Osborn and the resources from Oscorp (for especially Harry Osborn to save him from the embarrasment from being suspended from Horizon High). Created at the top of Oscorp at the O. Harry Osborn is a student there.


After Harry Osborn was suspended at Horizon High, Norman Osborn created a smarter school for geniuses, which he called Osborn Academy and so he held auditions.

Auditioning Students

Many students were tested upon but it's unclear if any of them were accepted, but then, two students (Herman and Clayton whom where best friends) created some sound equipments, which they showed. The scientists were impressed, Norman then said that whoever proves to be better among the two will get admission into Osborn Academy. To Be Continued!

Known Faculty Members and Students




Student Auditions