Oscorp Industries is a multinational company founded by Norman Osborn. It is also where Peter Parker got his powers from and became Spider Man.


Oscorp is found by Norman Osborn As it is a place whereby scientific experiments are carried out.

Release Of The Radioactive Spider

A day when a class of Midtown High was going to Oscorp for a field trip. As they are all being showed Oscorp, An alarm goes on saying that there is a release of some experimented radioactive spider, but they tell them not to worry. Later on, The scientist leading them calls on Harry and Alistar to test a robot. Harry tells Alistair to wait and let Peter's group go first because he is more into those stuffs. His partner, Liz tells Peter to switch sides because she is a lefty. As he is about to put the glove, the radioactive spider bites him as he rushes to the washroom but gets to an unconstructed place, as he tries to open the door, he uses one hand and the door gets broken and he gets shocked. He sees himself in front of the mirror, he starts to feel heat (a lot of heat) that he removes his clothes. He then washes his face and takes out some tissue paper while putting his hand on the tissue remover. He then notices he cant remove his hand off those two, while trying to remove his hand from the tissue remover, he removes the whole thing, he then looks at his face in the mirror and the two get removed and he finds out his eyes are normal, he can see without glasses. He calms himself down and starts to walk, then remembers that he is walking at the top of the bathroom (upside down). Harry comes into the bathroom looking for Peter, and Peter holds himself on the wall and Harry is unable to see him. He puts on his clothes and gets out. He asks himself how a scientist would solve it and plan to use the scientific method to figure out what is happening to him.

Rivalry with Horizon High

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Staff Members

  • Norman Osborn (Founder and CEO)


Origin Shorts

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