Dr. Otto Octavius is a character in the series Marvel's Spider Man. He is a teenage prodigy who was a class advisor at Horizon High. He is voiced by Scott Menville.


Presenting his Arms at the Stark Expo

Otto Octavius shows off his tentacle harness at the Stark Expo which gets taken over by Ghost. Following Ghost's defeat, Max Modell has Otto discontinue the experiment with the harness until he has a better understanding of its capabilities, much to Otto's disappointment. Afterwards, he is approached by Norman Osborn who gives him his card and an offer him additional funding by Oscorp for his project on the arms whenever he's ready.


Otto is a stern, stubborn, no-nonsense young scientist. He is very mature for his age, as such he speaks to his students as if he is an adult. He is easily annoyed of foolish teenage behaviour, such as being late, calling him cranky and mistaking him for a student due to his youth. He also doesn't like it, when his work is said no to, and takes it very seriously.

Powers and Abilities 


  • Genius Intellect: Otto is a multi-discipline scientist with expertise in various fields of science.
  • Engineering: Otto is a brilliant inventor and engineer


  • Tentacles:
    • Enhanced Strength


  • Shortness
  • Arrogance




  • Otto Octavious is only slightly older than Peter, as opposed to being middle-aged like in the comics. 

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