"Prepare For Prediction" is the fourth Spider-Man Origin Shorts of the series among the six parts. It was aired on July 7th (UK) and July 27th (US).


Peter Parker predicts that his new abilities could bring him fame and fortune and begins to seek out a way to make a name for himself.


The short begins with Peter swinging through the city as he tries to get a name for himself that people can know him as (not his real identity). He goes down and starts to walk as he records that he is going to use the third method (Prediction) and he sees in front of him a fortune teller, he does not believe in her, as she says that she sees fame and fortune in his future, he turns back and gets shocked. She asks for his hand as she wants to read his palm, and as Peter gives it to her, she mistakenly presses Peter's web shooters and she gets all webbed up.Peter apologizes, she predicts he is an entertainer, he believes it too. He compliments himself and tells her he can do everything a spider can. She asks if he can get her out of the web, but he does not know and neither does he know how long his webs stay long and then the web mask starts to dissolve. He tells her that the webs dissolve in an hour as he tells her he has got to go. He starts to web sling and holds on to a tank, as he talks to himself knowing that the spider bite would lead to great things and him requiring a whole costume not just a web mask and so he goes home. As he searches his closet, he finds his homemade iron man box, (which he puts on your head but calls it too halloweeny), he starts with a cape at the back, a band on his head, an underwear and normal tight wears but says too obvious, he comes next with a jacket and a mask, with a whole knicker and knee pads on his legs but he says its too much. He comes up next with his red/blue hoodie, his aunt's blue sweat pants, black gloves, dark sneakers and a pair of yellow goggles and then Aunt May shouts if he has seen her blue tights and Peter replies calling it sweat pants and no. He later swings through the city again while thinking how he should be known (through a movie, internet, kids show, so many options while going down to the ground) and then, he feels nothing, has no idea and then sees a poster of a wrestling competition, the perfect place to carry out the step four of scientific method, Experimentation!



Prepare for Prediction


Origin 4 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

Origin 4 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD


  • This short makes a reference to Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) in the comics from his second suit.
  • This short marks Peter's first suit.