Raymond Warren
Professor at Empire State University (formerly)
Gwen Stacy (niece)
John DiMaggio
Alter Ego
The Jackal

Raymond Warren is a villain in the series Marvel's Spider-Man and Gwen's maternal uncle. He was a former staff member at Empire State University who was dismissed for his genetic experiments and is also known as The Jackal. He is  voiced by John DiMaggio.



Raymond Warren was once a scientist/professor who worked on genetic creations, working on animals in Empire State University, unfortunately, he was accused of stealing someone else work, getting himself fired. Later on, he somehow got a job at Oscorp where he experimented on spiders and planned on bringing a spider-army. The day a class of Midtown High went on a field trip to Oscorp, the radioactive spider got released somehow and he was taken out of Oscorp. He also took good care of his niece Gwen and made her go into science.

Becoming The Jackal

For some reason, He experimented on himself by fusing his DNA with jackal DNA, mutating into a human-jackal hybrid. He is obessed with conquering the Earth and repopulating it with his genetic creations. He took a weapon of Stark Industry which had the ability of draining any weapon's power, but was defeated by Spider-Man.

Mutating Aleksei into The Rhino

Raymond later went to Max Modell to try to get a job there for his work, but Max refused, he wore a ring that had some sort of power of mutating a person into a Rhino, Max told Peter to show Raymond outside, he later tried to shake hands with Max (where he wore the ring) but before he could do so, Peter took him, he then tried to shake hands with Peter but Peter left quickly, then Aleksei (cheering because he got an A) shaked hands with him and he got a little pain on his hand. Raymond later went to Oscorp to meet Norman, and told him about his latest experiment (The Rhino), Norman got interested and told him to get proof. Raymond then went to the first party of Horizon High for Harry being exonerated and Aleksei was there too, Aleksei later turned into a mutated Rhino and started breaking everything he saw, Spider-Man then came in and took him down, Aleksei was then tied to not run away, and Harry, Gwen and Peter tried to make a cure after realizing that Aleksei is the Rhino by taking a blood sample while Raymond took his leave, Gwen after seeing the blood sample understood no other person could have done this except Raymond, she left going to meet Raymond, Peter needed Gwen to complete the cure, but Gwen wasn't there by then, he left looking for Gwen and told Harry to complete the cure, Peter turned into Spider-Man to get there faster, and when Gwen got there, she saw the Jackal in her house upstairs, and Spider-Man right on time broke through the window and fought the Jackal, and Gwen ran to Raymond's room and saw a video of him turning to The Jackal and made a cure quickly for both Aleksei and Raymond, and turned Raymond into a human, and Spider-Man rushed to Horizon High and cured Aleksei. Raymond was later arrested for both being the Jackal and turning Aleksei into the rhino.


Raymond Warren is a smart person who is interested into science and genetics engineering technology, and has mutated a teenager and himself. He does have love for his niece, and also encouraged her to go into science. He is kind for his niece, smart, intelligent but is also known to be very suspicious.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Genius Intellect
  • Mutated Physiology (as Jackal)
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Invulnerability


Physical appearance




  • In the actual comics, Raymond was the brother of the Jackal whom was also known as Miles Warren, but here, it is the opposite but there is no sign of Miles Warren.