Silver Sable
Silver Sable
Alter Ego
Silver Sable

Silver Sable is a leader of the Wild Pack.


She and the Wild Pack are hired by an anonymous client to steal the Neuro Cortex from Horizon High. Silver Sable starts by having Paladin pretend to rob Oscorp so that she can study Spider-Man's moves. Afterwards, she and the Wild Pack invade Horizon High to steal the Neuro Cortex where they outfight Spider-Man. When Spider-Man trails them outside of Manhattan, Silver Sable gave Spider-Man the option to pay them off to give up the Neuro Cortex. When Doctor Octopus arrives, Spider-Man receives his help in fighting the Wild Pack. Spider-Man fights Silver Sable on her jet and defeats her. When the Wild Pack is placed in prison, Paladin asked Silver Sable if this was part of the plan. Silver Sable states that their anonymous client has plans for the Neuro Cortex.