Spencer Smythe is a villainous character in the series Marvel's Spider-Man. Spencer is the creator of the Spider Slayers. He is voiced by Ben Diskin.


Spencer Smythe got to be a teacher in Midtown High and Later on, admitted his son Alistair to Midtown High too.

Blaming The Sabatoge of the Vibranium Machine on Harry

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Spencer Smythe is an over confident person claiming that nobody is above his intelligence. He makes sure that nobody gets in his way and is an suspicious, villainous and secretive person. In order to be the best, he can do anything.



Season 1


  • In "Osborn Academy", Norman said he "appropriated" his son's projects from Horizon High to his new lab, but never explained how. Those projects included Harry's bombs that Spencer Smythe's Spider-Slayer stole in "Horizon High". This implies the Spencer is working for Norman, that everything was part of "his" master plan.

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