Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man is a 2017 animated series that airs on Disney XD and produced by Marvel Animation. It focuses on the superhero Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. The series is a reboot of the previous animated Spider-Man series, Ultimate Spider-Man and a replacement.



The story of a young but courageous teen who has to figure out how to be a superhero from the very beginning.

Season 1

Peter Parker is learning the responsibility that comes along with being a new, super-powered hero in New York City, just as he's being accepted into Horizon High, a high school for brilliant young scientific minds. He struggles with the duality of his social life at school and hiding his secret identity from everyone including his best friend Harry Osborn, who attends the competing Oscorp Academy for geniuses. As Peter embraces his alter-ego and takes on super villains such as Vulture, Lizard, Doctor Octopus and Sandman, he watches his hero lifestyle come between his personal relationships and struggles to keep Harry from landing on the wrong side of the law.


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Recurring Cast


On October 8, 2016, Produced by Marvel Animation, the series’ award-winning creative team includes executive producers Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb; co-executive producers Stan Lee, Eric Radomski, Cort Lane and Stephen Wacker; supervising producers Kevin Shinick and Marsha Griffin; consulting producers Dan Slott , Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt; Animation Patrick Brown; ADR and Casting Voice Director Collete Sunderman and Kris Zimmerman and supervising director Philip Pignotti.


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Season 1


Series Premiere Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

Series Premiere Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

File:First Teaser for New Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Series
Marvel's Spider-Man Sneak Peek

Marvel's Spider-Man Sneak Peek


  • This is the first TV Show to feature Max Modell, Osborn Academy, and Horizon High.
  • The series also features some things from Spider-Man Homecoming like the Suit and the Vulture costume.


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