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This growing encyclopedia is devoted to bringing you the latest and most reliable information about Marvel's animated feature Spider-Man. Join Peter Parker in his exciting adventures as he embraces his identity as the amazing hero, Spider-Man, and his encounters with some similar super-powered friends and foes, alike!
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The Desk Of J. Jonah Jameson: I've been in this job for over 30 years, and you name it, from celebrity scandals to political conspiracies, I have exposed them all, but now, in this rotten century, it seems that the paparazzi earn their money through spying bikini models. In fact, these days, photographers are more fixated on taking pictures of Kim Kardashian's butt whenever she stops by the nearest Gucci store, more than trying to get one goddamn picture of Spider-Man. Well, technically, it serves that masked freak right, just proves that he's cheaper than plastic!

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