"Venom" is the fifteenth episode of the series Marvel's Spider-Man or simply Spider-Man. It is also the fiteenth episode overall.


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The episode begins with Peter doing his job at Horizon High as he is cleaning up Max's room. While he is about to throw a dirty rag which is aimed at the trash bin but hits Max. He apologizes, Max forgives easily. Max tells him that he is happy to see Peter doing his science work with a little laugh laughcizm. Peter asks Max that since the V-252 is now with Tony Stark, can he put the container in the storage, but Max disagrees because it reminds him of what he did and doesn't want that to happen again. Max tells him that he should head home and can do the work the next day. Peter tells him he is going to Flash Thompson's home to tutor him, Max asks if it is the guy who won the Stark Expo, Peter tells him to not remind him that and that Flash got lucky. Max tells him that people can surprise taking Peter as an example, he never thought that Peter could tutor a guy who caused so much kree and tells him that now he is up to a good start, and would want to see him play football this weekend. Max calls it a day for Peter and tells him that he can do it himself, Peter asks if he is sure and Max agrees. Peter takes his leave and swings as Spider-Man. Spider-Man gets happy that he left earlier than expected and can sleep when he gets hit by a hand, he tells his Spider-Sense that he should tell him when he is about to take a break. Then he sees the black suit, his black suit for that matter. The black suit attacks him and every trick he tries, it fails. The V-252 beats him, and Spider-Man thinks who is actually bonded to V-252 and how it escaped from the Avengers Compound, Spidey guesses its Tony Stark, the V-252 holds him tight, but Spidey punches him on his face, the V-252 throws a huge trash can and SPidey swings it back to him and the V-252 gets hit on the bus, then he carries the bus with civilians inside and throws it at Spidey but Spidey webs it with a building for civilians to not get hurt, when noise of cars start to beep, the V-252 starts to get crazy, Peter shoots his web at every car so it starts to beep and the V-252 starts to get crazy and runs away. Later, Peter goes home and guesses the only way to know if the symbiote has taken over Tony Stark which is talking to him directly as Spider-Man and guesses how he should talk to him but he gets no idea. To Be Continued!

Later on, the next day, Spidey with his sound vibrating weapon, is at the back of the V-252, while the V-252 is looking for him at front, But when his sound vibrating weapon says something, the V-252 finds him and attacks him, he hits him at an Daily Bugle building, holding him with the symbiote, Spidey uses his sound vibrating weapon and the V-252 weapon goes crazy again, he uses two sewer covers to cover himself from getting hit from the sound vibrating weapon and then hits him with the two sewer cover, he misses the first one but the second one breaks the sound vibrating weapon, and then Spidey uses his webs and throws him into the Daily Bugle building, and the tracker he put on him is not showing, meaning that he is gone. Spidey then starts to guess who else aside from Tony Stark could be on the suspect list, Miles, Gwen, Anya and thinks about Max, and plans on checking on him, to be sure. He goes to Midtown High for the mean time, so he can check on Flash and will snoop in after Max leaves in the day and then he gets dragged by Flash Thompson, who kind of bullies him showing off two of his friends and whispering his apologies to Peter. To Be Continued!

During the football match, a person wearing a tiger costume is cheerleading, Peter goes to meet Flash, and asks him if he is nervous, but Flash tells him that he will crush those guys, Peter tells him that its not about crushing but about winning, and they talk about the V-252 monster and Flash tells him he is not afraid at all as he goes for the game. Peter thinks if Flash could be Venom, because if he would be then why would he go after Riot (a guy from the opposing team), then Peter remembers that there was a fight between the two earlier on regarding the match, and the science test by his teacher which if he doesnt pass he can't play, Peter wonders if he is Flash and remembers that during the Stark Expo and looks at the video when the symbiote was getting off Peter, the symbiote also contacted with Flash, and then Flash when about to play, is hit by Riot and the symbiote takes over him as he turns back intot he V-252 monster, and Peter finds out Flash is bonded with the V-252. Peter changes into Spider-Man, and then Spider-Man tells him that he knows Flash is in there and to stand down when a person plays the whistle like thing (please rename if you know the name) and the sound disturbs the V-252 and Flash is seen inside asking himself what is happening to him. Spidey tells him that it is the V-252 that is on him and he has to fight it to take it down, but Flash says he cant. As the V-252 takes over again, it hits Spidey as Spidey gets hit on the wall. Spidey punches him, then V-252 puts him on the floor roughly. Spidey uses the whistle like think and the V-252 gets crazy again, he tells every person to use it to get the V-252 off him and everybody does that, the V-252 gets off Flash, it goes to three other players and takes over them. Spidey makes a web hand football and uses it to distract them and plays, and then they crush it and being very angry and they attack him. To Be Continued!

In the end when Peter visits Flash in Midtown High, his two friends bully him but Flash covers up for him, his friends leave Peter alone and Flash tells him that from now on he will be friends with Peter. The End!


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  • Unlike the comics, the Venom Symbiote bonds with Flash Thompson and becomes evil, making him be a bad guy, instead of Flash Thompson actually being bonded with the symbiote being a friendly superhero known as Agent Venom.