The Venom Symbiote, also known as V-252 is an ooze-like alien organism known as a Symbiote that feeds on negative emotions of its hosts in order to survive. It looks like a substance of black liquefied slime.


The Symbiote made it's way towards earth within a meteor and was quickly founded by the Space administration. The Space Administration gave it to Max Modell to experiment on to see what it is. Max Model soon acquired it from them and establishing it as a pet project he's working on at Horizon High naming it V-252, a possible new element that would be added to periodic table.

Being Stolen From Max's Office By The Black Cat

It was recently stolen by the Black Cat until Peter stopped her as Spider-Man and returned it to Horizon.

First Contact with Spider-Man and thee Black Suit

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Taking the V-252 to the Stark Expo

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Returning and Bonding with Flash Thompson

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Known Hosts


  • The Symbiote's codename V-252, is a reference to Issue 252 of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1., the first ever appearance of the Venom Symbiote and the V stands for Venom, maybe.
  • The Symbiote bares a remarkable resemblance to the 2007's movie Spider-Man 3, where it appears to be a living organism in a semi-fluid state. It also shares certain characteristics, such as feeding off negative emotions and being vulnerable to loud noises.